Tanning Tips for Pale Skin

This is for the fair-skinned beach babes, you do not have to suffer in the summer months just because you want to get a tan. People with fair/pale skin generally fall to the stereotype that they cannot tan. This is because pale skin is more prone to sunburn during the summer. We desire a healthy, beautiful, bronze, but our tender skin isn't up to the challenge of a suntan session. However, the good news is, everyone can brown; the only difference is that it usually takes longer for some than it would for others.


The ladies blessed with greater sun exposure superpowers than the pale-skinned ones, shouldn't also take every available chance to be baking away at a beach or in a tanning salon. This is because overexposure to UV rays causes sun damage and creates severe consequences together with an increased risk of skin cancer and also extrinsic aging of the epidermis (characterized by premature wrinkles and spots).


Tanning is not as simple as swinging in a hammock in your backyard or just lying on a sandy beach and waiting for the sun to do its work (even though it works for some people this way). Tanning is a process, and the more information you have, the better equipped you are to attain the perfect tan.


We, at Tannymax, offer you these tanning tips to get that golden glow that everyone would envy without all the tomato red drama.


Go slow

If you have a pale/fair skin, you must take it slow. Just picture yourself in the 50s, courting your suntan with great respect and with caution. Sunscreen should be your constant companion. All things done well, your golden tone will be a sure thing in a couple of short weeks.


“Slip! Slop! Slap! and Wrap,” is such an elegant catchphrase. The American Cancer Society encourages you to remember to slip on a shirt, slop on sunscreen, slap on a hat, and wrap on your sunnies.

Note that a base tan is better built slowly and steadily. Start the process by spending about 10-15 minutes a day laying out in the sun. Wearing sunscreen (always) with a minimum SPF 30 (Sun Protection Factor), all of which you can get on tannymaxx.com. After a few days, increase this time to about 15-20 minutes. After one week, cap out at 30 minutes; there is no reason to be laying in the sun any longer than that.


One thing you shouldn’t do is tricking yourself into thinking that an initial burn will eventually fade into golden glory. Bad news; it won’t. It is going to fade into prematurely aged skin and wrinkles. So, please! Please trust us! Go slow!


Press the Turbo button

Go and get yourself one of these magic tanning lotions. There is no doubt that tanning lotions accelerate the individual tanning process. Here we explain why this is so and how tanning works. The most important thing is that you find the right tanning lotion for you and your skin. It is very important that your lotion not only accelerates the tanning process but also provides your skin with more than just the care it needs. Tanning is a very exhausting process for the skin so please believe me when I tell you that the amount of nourishing ingredients in a tanning lotion is just as important for a long lasting, beautiful and above all healthy tan as the tanning complex. If you just start to get that glowing and lovely tan, I would definitely recommend you the Black Gold 999,9 Tanning Lotion. Also make sure you use your tanning lotion the right way so you get the best results possible – click here to find out more!    


Get Smart About Sun Hours

We advise sun exposure before 10 am or after 4 pm. Exposure at these times is not as damaging to the skin. This is Vitamin D happy hour and it plays a huge role in the slow and steady acquisition of your suntan.


Make Sure to Exfoliate and Moisturize

A weekly exfoliating scrub is advised. This helps to smoothly slough off old skin cells and make way for a healthy tan. Also, moisturize like your life depends upon it. Apply lotion every morning and every evening to keep your skin nourished. As you quench your skin, quench your thirst as well. The aim is to keep your inside and outside moisturized. Keep your insides moisturized by drinking a lot of water while you're out or in the sun. This helps to prevent rubbery skin and dehydration.

Throw Shade

While this might seem a bit counterintuitive, a shade is to be your best friend while getting a tan. Your lily-white bum can't handle the heat. You're only going to be getting sun-exposed for about 30 minutes max, but that doesn't stop you from enjoying the day with your friends. Find a good umbrella and throw a pleasant shade wherever you go.


Start dating the tanning salon

If you want to keep or even build your beautiful and healthy tan in the cold months - Then you got to start hitting the tanning salon on a regular basis. In this article we explain and give a few tips on how to get a nice and deep tan in a tanning salon.



All skin types generally need protecting even after sun time is over. The heat and radiation coming from the sun would easily dry out your skin. So, we reiterate that you make sure to drink enough water so your skin doesn’t crack or get damaged. Take enough water supply in your water bottle before you head out and use a good moisturizer after tanning to keep your skin hydrated.


Even though you have a base tan, you’re still susceptible to burning. Therefore, continue to build your tan slowly as we have advised; no rushing it!


Even after you have achieved your dream tan, do not stop protecting your skin. 

Under your base tan is still your fair skin, so keep monitoring the condition of your skin and observe any changes. You may feel like this is too much work, but believe me being tanned is worth the little effort!


Now, off you go! You're all set to get that lovely golden glow using these healthy tanning tips for your pale skin.


Stay healthy, beautiful, and brown!

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